Frequently Asked Questions

Tuesday, December 10, 2019


What do the pins represent on the Home page's interactive map?

Every published report in the current result set is represented as a pin on the map (note a single incident may have multiple reports linked to it). The location of the pin on the map is determined by the location details of the publication (e.g. state, county, or city).

When and how are terminologies and search criteria for data collection updated?

Agricultural technology and production practices are ever-changing. To stay abreast of recent advances in the industry, the data collection team periodically reviews and revises the AgFF relatedness definitions and documented system inclusion/exclusion regularly with input from our a 15-member national steering committee.

What is the "NFMC"

National Farm Medicine CenterEdit The National Farm Medicine Center was established in 1981 in response to occupational health problems seen in farm patients coming to Marshfield Clinic. The center continues to focus its research and outreach on rural populations. Current safety and health priorities include children, agritourism, beginning farmers and ranchers, and injury surveillance. Farm Center scientists and staff address these issues with special expertise in injury prevention, public health, bioinformatics, nursing, anthropology, education and communications. Since 1997, the National Farm Medicine Center has been home to the National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety. Visit site

Visit Site
What are "Reports", "Incidents", and "Victims"?

REPORTS: The number of total reports (both primary and follow up) represented in the search/filter result set. INCIDENTS: The total number of incidents represented in the search/filter result set. Note: this number should match the number of results listed. VICTIMS: The total number of victims represented in the search/filter results set. Note that there can be multiple victims per incident

Are grain engulfment cases coded as "suffocation"?

Yes, our team's decision has been to code grain engulfment/entrapment incidents as suffocation, unless otherwise described in the original report.

Where is the pre-2018 data?

Our team has loaded and coded the 2018 cases and are working to do the same with 2015-2017

What's the best way to get back to the filtered result list after drilling into a specific report?

We suggest Right-clicking on the report you’re interested in and then clicking on “Open in new tab” … then when you close that new tab, you’ll still have the sorted/filtered list of results available to you. We’ve found this to be a helpful trick.